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Pre-qualified Solar Installation Call Leads.

I built my own superior lead company from the ground up. I knew the only way to beat the lead game was to learn every aspect of the business: generating, selling and buying. I invested thousands of dollars into refining prospecting strategies, building valuable partnerships with companies worldwide, and created a massive distribution infrastructure.

Ring Router delivers exclusive, pre-qualified, live calls from people actively looking for solar panel installation, directly your sales team.

We deliver a combination of 2 types of pre-qualified leads generated via ONLINE (i.e. banners / landing pages) & OFFLINE (TV/Print/Radio) ads promoting your services.

Quick Connect:

A Consumer sees/hears an ad and dials in. The call is routed to an automated IVR that screens the potential client to ensure their qualification and intent, and then, is transferred to your agency.

Verified Connect:

An interested consumer submits their personal contact details through a form fill. Our expert prospecting team, immediately follows up with the potential client and personally vets their eligibility and fit as your target client. The calls is then routed to your phone lines. Ring Router is strictly TCPA compliant; we only contact those consumers that have given us their consent to do so.

We promise 100% Contactability - the caller is guaranteed to be looking for what you’re selling. We give you 90 seconds to triple qualify the lead (if you don’t approve, you don’t pay for the call!

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