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My PhD
Is in Leads.

Let me prospect for you.

I learned the lead-gen business through real-life sales experiences, and invested millions in a prospecting strategy that would immediately connect me with the exact clients I was looking for. I hated wasting time and money on dead-end leads, so I refined a proprietary acquisition system, and founded a company that delivers real-time, qualified leads from interested buyers to small businesses, worldwide.

We deliver exclusive calls from high intent consumers looking to buy, directly to your phone.

Stop cold calling. Skip prospecting, and start right at selling.

Simplified Sales Funnel:

The illustration on the right
shows how 100 inbound calls
will typically result in the same
number of sales as 1,000 leads,
but will take less than 1/4 of
your time & cost 70% less.
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We are Real-time Leads 2.0.
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