Where do your live customer calls come from?

We deliver a combination of 2 types of calls: Inbound and warm transfers generated by our propietary ad publishing network, directly to your phone.

Inbound Calls: Consumers see or hear an ad advertising your services and dial in for a quote.

Warm Transfers: We dial and connect with potential customers that fit your target client.

What is an “exclusive” call?

Unlike others in the industry, we only offer each call to ONE buyer, so you will be the exclusive purchaser of the call. This makes for an easier sell, as your customer will be hearing your pitch for the very first time.

We strive to ensure both you and your clients a positive experience throughout the buying process.

What type of data do you include with each call?

Our software offers the most comprehensive reporting with advanced data for each lead including: detailed caller info, conversation flow summary, and a complete call transcript.

Can I control my daily call flow?

Our exclusive call scheduling features lets you set the terms of exactly when you wish to receive our inbound call leads.

Can I choose which consumers to receive live calls from?

We tailor your call campaign to deliver calls from precisely the clients you are looking for. We include strategic filters (geographical, by state, and qualifying) for each of the industries we service.

For example, if you are looking to get calls from folks looking for Auto Insurance quotes, we can restrict our calls to those from consumers who are insured, live in the California, and looking for SR22 insurance specifically.

How am I charged for the calls?

You are only charged for the calls you accept. Our call whisper technology and your Caller ID makes it easy for you to know when you are receiving one of our calls. If you are too busy to take one of our calls, you can simply ignore the call or answer and reject the call. You will not be charged for calls you do not accept.

Do you offer credit for unqualified calls?

Yes! We have an advanced system that makes crediting simple. You have the option to request a credit during a call or you can use our easy-to-use client portal.

How do I start getting calls?

When you sign up with Ring Router, we’ll initiate a simple account setup, after which you’ll immediately receive a flow of exclusive live customer calls, on your schedule, hassle-free (with no active campaign management on your end).

Can you provide calls for my whole team?

We can provide a consistent stream of inbound customer calls for your entire sales team. Our call program will refocus your your team’s efforts from outound dialing to strictly sales!

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