What Is Ring Router?

Improved Sales Funnel

Pay for clients, not for marketing!

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Find yourself among the biggest and most profitable companies in the country.


Buying Inbound Sales Calls Will:


Marketing is difficult and expensive so we removed it from the sales process. Prospects call you looking for insurance quotes, right now.


We give local agents first crack at every call we get. These leads are not resold and are not repeat clients. Each prospect is 100% exclusive to you.


This Simple and Easy Process leaves you to do only 3 things!

Take the call, give a quote & land a client.

Save Your Time & Save Your Money!

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What Agents Are Saying

As I have been in business for 24 years and watching the market evolve, the Live Transfer leads have been one of best lead purchasing decisions I have ever made. With my experience, we are closing the necessary leads to capture our ROI. I feel over time that this will be my number one source for leads. Please note as I purchase leads from many other sources, the quality and conversion of your leads are at the top of my chart. In addition, your availability and close attention on the account, is key to my business.  Keep up the good work.

DENNIS H.Independent Insurance Agent

I was about to quit selling auto and home insurance until I found Ring Routers. I love this lead service and it’s the best one available! They provide me with calls so I don’t have to spend countless hours trying to find them myself. Now I can focus on what I do best. Seriously guys, Thank you!

MARY B.Captive Insurance Agent

Since joining click to call two months ago, I have received an astronomical amount of leads and prospective clientele. In the insurance business we know that you cannot catch them all, however, with click to call there are customers (if sold properly) will provide you with more policies than what they called for. I would recommend Click-To-Call to anyone looking to get a good lead source. Whenever, I have ran across any setbacks Brady and the entire Click-To-Call team have quickly and efficiently answered and helped with any if not all of my concerns.

ASHLEY M.Captive Insurance Agent

It is very refreshing to talk to people that are actually interested in getting a quote for their insurance. Click to Call in my opinion separates itself from their competitors and gives Agents an obvious advantage in the modern day marketplace.

JOSHUA D.Captive Insurance Agent

Cloverleaf Insurance Agency specializes in nonstandard auto insurance for drivers. This includes drivers who have never been insured, have had a lapse in coverage, are suspended and need a SR22 or have had tickets or accidents.

Cloverleaf has purchased from other online lead companies in the past with decreasing effectiveness. The leads were cold and had been sold too many times.
With Ring Router our quote traffic has significantly increased and so have our monthly writings.
Having Ring Router and Lawrence as a partner is a great tool for the growth and success of Cloverleaf Insurance Agency.

CHARLIE B. Independent Insurance Agent