Track Your Calls And Increase The ROI Of Your Lead Generation Program

Call tracking

When implementing a marketing strategy, it’s easy to focus on the day to day, seeing how “everything goes”. But do you really know how your last campaign performed? And most importantly, how many new sales did it bring to your company?

The same happens with Pay Per Call. Even though the objective is to bring more inbound sales calls to your business, from qualified leads genuinely interested in what you offer, it doesn’t end there.

You want those calls to convert.

How do you track your calls performance? Do you know how much your sales and ROI have increased –or not- during your Pay Per Call campaign?

That’s why call tracking is important. If you don’t track, you’ll never know why your calls are not converting and where your budget is going.

Is that simple, but at the same time it represents potential –and many times catastrophic- losses  for you or your business.

Tracking calls will help you with Quality Assurance, and to receive feedback from clients and/or agents.

That’s why Ring Router offers Ring Rater, a quick and easy-to-use option to get feedback from agents about the calls. Just pressing a key, they can rate calls and tell you why it did or didn’t convert. It’s THAT simple!

If you’re concerned about protecting all that sensitive information customers share with the reps, Ring Router always proceeds in compliance with State-Law, because we make sure to clarify that with both the company buying the calls AND the caller.

The only cases where we share recorded calls are if the calls didn’t convert (so the company knows what went wrong), and if the caller approves.

So no worries, the information that callers share with your company is safe with us!

Using an appropriate call-filtering system will allow you to avoid misdials, hang-ups, dead air, and receive calls that bring value –and cash!- to your company.

Contact us if you’re ready to start using Ring Rater and rate your calls on real time.

If you want to learn more about Ring Rater, watch this short explainer video that shows you how it works.