Five tips to energize your affiliates

Affiliate marketing can be a business owner’s best friend. It allows you to focus more on running your business while trusting others to drive the business to you. But not everyone that launches affiliate marketing strategy sees good results right off the bat. If your affiliates aren’t producing the results you’d hoped, you might be tempted to invest your marketing dollars elsewhere. Before you do however, consider these five tips for energizing your affiliates.

Virtual scavenger hunt

Though it might sound a little corny, creating a virtual scavenger hunt is an effective way to help your affiliates become more familiar with your website. The more familiar they are with your site, the more able they’ll be to drive traffic to it. To do this, simply come up with a list of questions the answers to which can be found somewhere on your website. Of course to be effective there will need to be an incentive. Consider giving them a product sample or an increased commission in exchange for a completed scavenger hunt.

Offer sale bonuses

Affiliates may just be having a hard time getting started. You might want to consider offering a first sale bonus on top of their regular commission. That little extra push might be all it takes for affiliates to start producing results. Because some affiliates might make a purchase themselves just to collect the first sale bonus, consider offering a smaller first sale business and a larger second sale bonus.

Increase commission

Every business owner knows that there are busy seasons and slow seasons. A great way to increase sales during a slower period is to increase commissions for affiliates. It’s sure to get them to give that extra push to drum up business for you. You may want to consider limiting the increased commission to those affiliates who aren’t already producing good results. Also, if only certain products or services aren’t selling, you might limit the increased commission to specific product or service categories.

Product samples

Your affiliates may not be producing results because they don’t fully understand the value of what your business offers. If possible send your affiliates a product sample. In addition to a sample of the product provide additional information about the product and why it’s important. This is especially important for content and blog affiliates because they’re more likely to write up a review of the product to produce leads for you.

Exclusive coupons

Finally, affiliates can be more energized and productive if they have an exclusive deal to offer people. Provide your lowest performing affiliates with unique coupon codes for products or services. They can provide that coupon to their website visitors. Coupons can be all it takes for those affiliates to start driving traffic to you. As they start to see commissions they will step up their game.

Source: Practical Commerce