Five tips for creating an affiliate marketing campaign

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that is quickly growing in popularity. It’s a great way to get more traffic on your website without having to invest your own time in advertising. It’s understandable that many merchants are anxious to set up their affiliate marketing campaigns. Some are so anxious however that they jump right in without taking the time to do a little research first. Affiliate marketing is most effective when you’ve done your homework first. You need to decide on what your goals are with affiliate marketing and how you’re going to achieve those goals. Here are five tips to follow when creating your affiliate marketing campaign.

Research the market

It’s vital that you first research the playing field and what your competitors are doing. Make sure you understand the current market and your business’s strengths and weaknesses. You might even join your competitor’s affiliate program to get a closer look at what they’re doing and what’s working. The better you understand the market, the better you’ll be able to design a successful affiliate campaign.

Compare affiliate networks

Next you’ll want to compare affiliate networks. Your affiliate network is what you’ll be using to operate your affiliate marketing program. The affiliate network you choose will give you the tracking software, reporting tools, and technical support you need. It will also handle payments to affiliates. Some affiliate networks are global, some are limited geographically. Others are designed for businesses with a specific niche. Look at several and choose one that will give you what you need.

A well designed merchant site

Affiliate marketing can only do so much for the success of your website. If the merchant site where the web traffic is being driven to isn’t well-designed, you’re going to have a high bounce rate. You’ll be paying for web traffic that doesn’t convert. Before launching an affiliate marketing campaign you need to make sure your merchant site is as good as it can be.

Understand affiliates’ needs

One reason many affiliate marketing campaigns don’t get off the ground is that the merchant doesn’t understand or care about affiliates’ needs. If you want your affiliates to really work at driving traffic to your site, you need to know what they want:

  • Commission. Don’t try to give them the bare minimum. An above-average commission rate will ensure that your affiliates work hard to get web traffic to your website
  • Communication. Affiliates often report that merchants fail to communicate with them. Make sure you have the resources to professionally communicate with all of your affiliates
  • Resources. Sometimes your affiliates will need certain resources to do their job. They might request a product sample or banners that they can put on their websites. Make sure you make these resources available to them

Examine your affiliate recruitment strategy

With everything else taken care of, it’s time to recruit your affiliates. Decide how you will accomplish this. Make sure you are actively recruiting affiliates. Make sure you’re choosing affiliates that will be good for your business’s niche.

Source: PerformanceIn