The content marketing debate: quantity vs. quality


It’s an age-old question that crops up over and over again. It’s a question that’s especially important when it comes to content marketing. On the one hand, it’s common sense that you can’t have a successful content marketing campaign if your content isn’t of high quality. You want people to read and share your content. In order to accomplish that, it needs to be interesting and informational. On the other hand, Google’s algorithms make it necessary that you also produce content frequently. It’s an endless struggle between quantity and quality. In an ideal world, you could produce content worthy of a pulitzer prize every day of the week. But with limited resources and money, you have to find a balance. Here are some tips for balancing quantity and quality in your content marketing efforts.

Map out a plan

A great place to start when it comes to balancing quality and quantity is to have a game plan. For instance, you can map out all of the content you’ll be posting for the week. That ensures that you’re doing okay with quantity. By researching your topics and outlining your content before you begin writing, you ensure that your content will be of good quality as well.

Understand your audience

You can’t create content for your audience unless you know who your audience is. This is especially important when it comes to the quality of your content. Great content will excite and inform you readers. But in order to do that, you have to know what excites them and what information they value. You can’t know your audience well enough.

Think outside the box

Imagine how many organizations and businesses are on the internet posting content. There are literally hundreds of articles being posted every minute. There is a lot of content out there. The challenge for content marketers is to think outside the box to come up with content that will stand out from the competition. If you find that you’re posting the same content over and over again, think of some ways you can mix it up. Create content that will engage your audience and encourage them to participate in the resulting conversation.

Tell the story

Content marketing is a long-form marketing strategy. The immediate goal isn’t to sell products or services. If all of your content is about your products/services and their selling points, you won’t hold your readers’ attention. “How to” articles (such as this one) are a great way to excite and inform your readers. It holds their attention and focuses on telling a story rather than selling a product.

Hire an expert

Finally, and most importantly, in order to balance quality and quantity you will likely need to hire an expert content creator. Creating quality content takes time. Multiply that by the amount of content you need to produce and you realize that most business owners don’t have that kind of time to invest. A content marketing expert can be a great asset when it comes to making sure your content marketing campaign has quality and quantity.

Source: Business2Community