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Recently we interviewed one of our “Ringers” (Affiliates) and we asked him,  “How is he using Ring Router to increase revenue?”

This affiliate is an online marketer that specializes in driving Organic Search traffic to his website. Today he is boosting his monthly income by simply adding his Ring Router number to his website:

The site was not created overnight, but it is his most recent project. He has been working on this site a for about a year and recently became a Ringer. The site is designed as an information source for anyone who needs an SR22. The site has SR22 information for just about every state in the country. The site explains what an SR22 is, why people need it and allows people to fill out a quick form to request insurance quotes. Until the site owner became a Ringer, he was only selling regular internet leads. People would fill out their contact information and they would then get calls from different agents. He was selling these for an average of $5 each lead to a lead broker. One of the reasons for the low price was that many of the people who filled out quote requests submitted bad contact information because they were afraid to give out their correct contact information online. The lower the quality of leads you provide, the lower the price insurance companies are willing to pay you. This is why Ring Router’s goal is quality leads or quantity.

After becoming a Ringer, he added his number to the site and now allows people to call for insurance quotes using his Ring Router number or fill in their contact information online. He told us that the vast majority of people who visited his site called his number instead of filling out their contact information online. Research show that people are now more cautious about giving out their personal information online than ever before. Visitors to the site are more comfortable talking to someone than filling out an online form.’s revenue has increased dramatically because they are now paid a much higher rate for Live Leads. Before adding him number, only about 5% of the people who visited site filled out the insurance request form. Now, about 15% of the people who visit the site call the Ring Router number.

The owner of the site has plans to redesign the site.  In the near future, the Ring Router number will be more prominent and in the main call to action section. The goal being to further increase profits.

Let us know if you are looking to start online marketing or have any questions, please send us an email and we will be more than happy to help you. If you are doing online marketing, let us know how what is and isn’t working for you.