Social media marketing: Following the crowd

Being the first is always the best when it comes to social media marketing. According to Steve Tobak at Fox Business, you will only be successful if you take a risk and make the first move instead of sitting back and waiting for someone else to come up with it first. You’ll probably get more hits by being the first to use Facebook than if you wait until the very end. But the truth is, not everyone is an innovator. Some people are just better at following than they are coming up with things. Maybe you won’t be number one, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be pretty successful still, and you won’t have to put all the work into innovation.

Innovation: is it for you?

Take smartphones for example. Tobak argues that only innovation will get you to the top by pointing out Apple is number one for smartphone technology. What he hasn’t considered is how much time and energy Apple has put into producing new and innovative technology. Yes, it was the first successful touchscreen smartphone, but there are now a hundred other smartphones that work just as well. And now those other smartphone manufacturers get all the same sales without having to put any of the money or energy into innovation. Are you telling me that Samsung isn’t doing very well because Apple came up with the technology first? Sure, Apple is the top-selling smartphone manufacturer in the US, but Samsung is the top selling in the world.

What do others do?

If you wanted to be innovative, you could try finding new social media sites and signing up before they become popular. That’s what many businesses do in an attempt to hopefully get on board before it becomes popular. The problem is that you might waste a lot of time and resources signing up and getting to know how to use new social media sites that end up not going anywhere. Maybe it will be all worth it if you find that one SnapChat app or Facebook site that actually ends up becoming popular.

Or, you can simply follow the trends of other marketers. Though there have been reports of Facebook starting to lose more and more people, it’s obviously the number one place where you can reach your customers. Posting funny videos, informative articles, fun facts about your company, or current sales are what people want to see. Twitter is a one-liner kind of place. This means posting a quick comment about news related to your industry or just saying Merry Christmas. Don’t forget a hashtag. Pinterest is all about the pictures, which could get a little tricker. Funny memes or things you can make will be most successful. Stuff you can buy, like shoes or dresses, will also be very successful. By just watching what others are doing and copying it, you’ll have a lot of success.

Source: Fox Business