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Six Social Media Marketing Tips


In the early days of Facebook. Only the biggest brands were using social media as a marketing channel. Then it was easy to be heard. Today, just about every business no matter how small has some social media presence. Getting noticed online today can seem nearly impossible. Fortunately for your business however, many are going about social media marketing all wrong. That leaves the door wide open for you. If you’re considering social media marketing for your small business, or if you’re looking to improve your strategies, here’s a look at six ways you can conquer in the world of social media marketing.

Be an interesting conversational partner

In the old days of marketing, the marketers were the conversations starters and the audience was responsible for listening. With social media marketing, customers have the ability to start the conversations and they frequently do. It’s not enough (or even a good idea) to just use social media marketing as a means of promoting your business or products. Use it as a means of communication with your customers. Respond to their questions and concerns and be a good conversational partner.

Don’t sit on your fan page

Social media marketing is about more than just creating a fan page and accumulating “likes.” A Facebook “like” isn’t synonymous with a loyal customer. Don’t settle for a fan page, work to publish creative and interesting content that will get your fans’ attention. You don’t just want them to “like” you, you want them to purchase from you.

Promote consumer engagement

The best success you can hope for with social media marketing is to get your customers engaged with your brand. Engaged customers are more likely to advocate for you. They’re going to share your brand with their family and friends. Getting people to be engaged on social media can be difficult. Often they’re just content to “like” or “follow” a business’s page. Your job is to get them communicating, giving feedback, and participating more actively with your brand.

Give up old clichés

Many brands continue to use the same social media marketing tactics that have been around since the beginning of social media. Customers have grown accustomed to these tactics. They spot them from a mile off and actively avoid them. Rather than rely on clichés, come up with new strategies to promote your brand, ways that are genuine and not spammy.

Don’t be afraid to invest


Because social media marketing is free to get started with, many scoff at the idea of investing any money into it. While it is true that you can accomplish a lot with social media marketing without spending a dime, there are a lot of extra features you can access with a relatively inexpensive investment. You may also want to invest in hiring a person to handle all of your business’s social media accounts so you can have more time to focus on running other aspects of your business.

Respond humbly to negative comments

Finally, no matter how great your brand is, you will receive the occasional negative message or comment on social media. How you respond to negative comments is the real measure of your brand and the world will be watching. Rather than lashing out or being defensive, consider the positive effect a humble response could have.

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