Receive More Inbound Calls And Increase Your Sales With Ring Router

Receive more inbound calls

Since the very first contact with a business, customers want answers, fast. And that’s why one of the most important pillars of sales and customer service is providing the answers any potential client wants in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

If customers need information about a product or service, they’ll most likely call the company, especially from their mobile phones. For example, according to the U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2016 report by BIA/Kelsey, 3 out of 4 mobile interactions lead to conversions.

These actions happen quickly, within one hour from an initial Google search, so the opportunity to influence buyers in that moment is very high. Before calling you, people usually have already done an online research looking for potential solutions, so if they call, you’re most likely one of their top 3!

How many calls from potential –and interested- customers do you or your agents receive everyday – and convert?

Ring Router and Pay Per Call

How many times have you or your call center staff answered the phone, only to find out that the caller was never a potential buyer?

Do you keep track of those “bad calls”, the ones that don’t offer any sales opportunity but wastes your precious time?

How do you and your Marketing team know what exactly went wrong in those calls, so you can do more informed decisions about the best approach to tackle this problem and increase conversions?

Ring Router is an inbound sales calls marketplace that delivers high-quality leads to independent brokers or companies, with a heavy emphasis in developing top in class technology to disrupt and increase efficiency in the Lead Generation industry.

Certainly no business can afford to lose all those potential sales, and yours is no exception. This company was started by a small business owner who experienced, first-hand, the pain points when trying reach qualified leads, first working at an insurance company and then as an independent insurance agent.

That’s why Ring Router offers solutions for bigger companies, with well-established call centers capable of managing a high volume of calls daily, and also for Small and Medium-sized Businesses and independent brokers, from different industries.

With us, you get the best lead generation program for you, independently of your company size, capacity, needs and budget!

Through a simple, easy-to-use interface, you can choose which calls to answer –knowing that we only charge for answered calls. How?

  • Managed accounts: this is mainly for bigger companies and call centers, capable of managing a high number of calls.
  • Unmanaged accounts: this works best for SMB’s and independent agents, since this option allows you to choose if answer the call or not. If you’re not ready or available in that precise moment, you won’t be charged for that call.

We have developed quality control mechanisms to make sure the calls received are qualified leads, with a real interest in acquiring your product or service. The calls we offer are validated, and matched with a previously established criteria.

Another key component in any sales process is timing. A couple of days, even a couple of hours, can make the difference between a closed sale and a lost sale. At Ring Router, we know how valuable it is to a business to reach the customer at the right time, when he is ready to buy.

And we keep that in mind in all the tech solutions we offer.

You can manage your calls and monitor performance of your cross-channel campaign, deliver engaging calls through personalized interactive voice recognition (IVR) messages, and increase your call campaigns productivity and marketing automation – “Set it and forget it”.

And what about rating the calls on real time -in a second-, so your Marketing team has the information to make informed decisions to improve your conection with customers? Ring Rater allows a buyer to easily rate calls in real-time to provide additional feedback on call quality. The result is more efficient campaigns,  quicker feedback and more revenue.

If customers call after hours, or don’t stay on the line long enough to qualify as a billable call, Ring Router offers options so those calls –and potential leads- are not lost.

How does it work? You only have to sign up, and start receiving calls from day 1. It’s THAT easy!

In short, Ring Router is there to connect you with those potential customers that are willing –and ready- to buy! Get in touch with us at (857) 401-8096 or visit