Five reasons to switch to pay-per-call

When it comes to lead generation, pay-per-call is the fastest growing industry and for good reason. Pay-per-call is a great way for affiliate marketers to maximize their profits and for lead buyers to get the most valuable prospects. As the pay-per-call industry continues to grow, more and more PPC and SEO firms are switching over to pay-per-call as opposed to flat monthly rates. Here’s five good reasons businesses should consider switching from a monthly billing system to pay-per-call.

Calls matter

According to numerous studies, call leads are the most valuable leads a business can ask for. That’s because they’re more likely to convert than other leads such as web-based leads. On average, it takes approximately four web leads to equal the revenue of every call lead. Because call leads are more valuable for lead buyers, they’re willing to pay more for them. Higher conversion rates equals higher ROI for them and that means higher profits for the affiliate marketers supplying the leads. Everybody wins.


Another great thing about pay-per-call is that it keeps affiliate marketers accountable for the work they do. Businesses are much more likely to be willing to pay for each phone call that to pay a flat rate each month and not fully understand what they’re getting in return for that investment. Phone calls are measurable. Businesses understand what they’re paying for and marketers are kept accountable.


While paying a flat rate each month may sound much more simple than paying-per-call, that isn’t necessarily the case. Pay-per-call can be very simple as well so long as the client has access to call data (which they should). Both the affiliate marketing agency and the client can easily check the number of calls at the end of the billing cycle to determine what is owed.

Clients will pay for it

When it comes down to it, value is more important than cost and any smart business owner will realize that. They will gladly pay-per-call as opposed to a flat rate even if that cost is higher because they understand what they’re getting and they see the value in it. It’s crucial for agencies to supply clients with call data however and to prove that the call leads they’re generating are legitimate sales inquiries.


According to Google, 70% of local mobile searches result in a phone call. In other words, pay-per-call and mobile marketing were meant for each others. Clients that are already investing in mobile marketing are perfect for the pay-per-call method of lead generation.