Eight reasons to hire a PPC professional

Any business owner with an online presence knows that in order to benefit from a business website, you first need to drive traffic to it. There are two major ways to do this: SEO and PPC. Ideally, businesses can use both of these methods to drive web traffic to their websites but the budget doesn’t always allow for that. When businesses are forced to choose one, many turn to PPC because SEO is highly competitive and is affected by algorithm updates.

Many business owners try to get into PPC on their own by starting a Google Adwords campaign. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to blow through your marketing budget with nothing to show for it unless you know what you’re doing. That’s because PPC is highly technical. It requires experience and a lot of time to be successful at it. Business owners who would like to get into PPC but don’t have the time or expertise should consider hiring a PPC professional. Here are 8 good reasons why:

  • Time. Chances are that as a business owner you’re already spread pretty thin. Because you’re paying money for every click, you need to invest a lot of time to make sure your PPC campaign is running smoothly. Since you probably don’t have enough time to invest in optimizing your PPC campaign it’s a good idea to hire a PPC professional
  • It’s complex. Something as simple as doing the wrong settings for geo location can exhaust your marketing budget. You don’t want to pay for clicks that occur in a different country when you own a local restaurant. A good PPC campaign requires expertise, something a PPC professional will have plenty of
  • Keyword research. With PPC, having the right keywords is everything. The wrong keywords might drive a lot of traffic but rarely result in conversions. A PPC professional can put in the time to find the keywords that work
  • Ad copy. Even if you have all the best keywords and a great landing page all set up, your campaign will fail if you don’t have great ad copy. PPC professionals know how to write ad copy that works
  • Experience. Even if you’re fairly confident in your ability to navigate Adwords settings, you don’t have the experience of running numerous PPC campaigns for many different clients
  • Management. A PPC campaign isn’t something you just design and then let it run itself. To be successful with PPC you have to constantly track your success and then optimize and fine tune to make sure you stay successful. A PPC professional can manage the tracking and optimization for you
  • PPC is always changing. PPC is a dynamic field, it changes literally every day. PPC professionals stay current with all the latest trends and tools in the industry
  • Landing page. A PPC campaign can only be as successful as the landing page. PPC professionals can spot problems with your landing page and make suggestions to fix them. A better landing page will mean a higher conversion rate and a better ROI for your PPC campaign.

Source: Huffington Post