What Is A Qualified Lead?

The short answer to this question is:

“A Qualified Lead is someone who is interested in buying insurance, calling to just get a quote is not enough.”

The long answer is a bit more complicated. Just because a person calls in for a quote and stays on the line for 90 seconds while to get a quote doesn’t mean the lead will be considered “Qualified.” We want people who call in with the intent to buy insurance and are not just calling in for a quote. That doesn’t mean that they have to actually buy insurance, just have the intention to buy. One thing that insurance agents look for is people who know what insurance they have and what they are looking for. The ideal lead will have a their current policy on hand so they can compare coverage and prices. The person doesn’t have to have their policy on hand, but they should at least know what kind of insurance they have. Car insurance has many options and the only way to truly compare prices is to know what coverage you have, such as your limits, whether you have full coverage or liability, uninsured motorist bodily injury, uninsured motorist property protection, towing, rental, your deductibles, etc. If you don’t know what you have then you can’t know what to ask for.

If the person doesn’t have insurance when they call, then they may need to spend a few minutes talking with the agent to see what kind of insurance they need. A good agent can’t just give someone a quote without first getting some personal information to make sure the client is properly insured.

We will not always be able to save people money on their insurance and agents understand that if their price is much higher than what the client is paying, the client is not likely to buy insurance. As long as the client called in with the intention of buying insurance if they could save money, the lead will be considered qualified and paid.

Most insurance agents who buy our leads have been buying leads for many years and have come to know when someone is serious about buying insurance and when they are not. They understand they can’t close every lead and are willing to pay for leads that don’t sell, but they are quick to cut off a source who sends them too many people who are just calling for quotes and not looking to buy insurance.