Where Can I Purchase Marketing Materials?

Another common question that we have received is “Where can I get marketing materials?”

Until recently, we didn’t have an answer. But we have now partnered up with a national printing company that can not only ship throughout the country, they Ring Router Marketing Materialalso have a wide variety of marketing materials available, from business cards to lawn signs and even iPhone cases. They also offer free shipping and very competitive prices. You can order premium business cards for as low as $10 for 250 cards. They also offer website design and hosting for those who would like to venture into the online marketing world. Of all the marketing that people have tried, flyers, postcard and business cards distribution has been the most successful. With this new program, we have made it easier for you to purchase your marketing materials for distribution.

The only item that we do not offer on our site is flyers. Flyers were the only item that we were not able to price competitively (shipping large quantity of paper can get expensive), as a result, we decided not to offer them. We will still send you custom flyers to print on your own and save money. We do offer thick stock post cards that people have found to be great ways to market their number.

Please let us know if you have any questions about ordering marketing materials or if you have any issues with the site and we will be more than happy to help you.

Visit the Ring Router marketing site for all your marketing needs at http://ringrouter.biz.vistaprint.com.