Pay Per Call Campaigns Are The Future of Mobile Advertisement

Pay Per Call is a relatively new to the marketing world and has been growing in popularity in the past couple years.

One of the major reasons for it’s growing popularity is that it is a great match with the mobile web. More and more people are now browsing the web on their phones instead of on their computers. As a result, the traditional Pay Per Click model has become less and less effective. This is because the mobile web has a lot less screen real estate for mobile adds. Most people avoid sites that have large advertisements and they have also learned to ignore traditional adds, or as it’s known, banner-blindness.

Pay Per Call campaigns on the other hand, are perfect for the mobile sites because they are being viewed on a mobile phone. Since people are already looking at the site on the phone, they are more likely to click on an add with a phone number. People are more comfortable clicking on a phone number then clicking on a link. People have been trained not to click on links because they may lead to websites infected with malware or viruses. As a result, people are less likely to click on an unknown link.

Because people are comfortable with phones, they are more likely to click on phone numbers to initiate a call than to click on an unknown link. As more and more people use smartphones to browse the web, Pay Per Call campaign will become more and more prevalent. According to a recent Nielsen report, 54.9% of US mobile phone owners in the send half of 2012, have smartphones. Perhaps a more interesting finding is the findings of a Pew Internet Project survey from September of 2012. According to that study, only about 45% of US adults owned smartphones, but among 18-29 year olds, that number was 66%. As more and more people move towards smartphones, the advertising world will need to adjust if they want to stay relevant.