Pay Per Call Market Affiliate Network: What’s Behind its Results?

Affiliate and call marketing are growing. From independent marketing professionals to big advertising agencies, all of them are finding in affiliate marketing a way to promote their –and their clients’- products and services online.

The Forrester’s affiliate marketing forecast states that U.S. affiliate marketing spend will increase by a compound annual growth rate of nearly 17%. In this case, by 2016, according to the Forrester forescast, affiliate marketing spend will grow to $4.5 billion.

Online marketing offers a lot of options, but social interaction, usually through calls, are still important when a customer makes a purchasing decision. According to the U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2016 report, the smartphone penetration in the US is 79%, and is growing; also, 3 out of 4 mobile interactions lead to conversions.

A lot of small and medium-sized businesses are adopting digital marketing to advertise and increase sales. With all the possibilities, according to the research developed by Smart Insights Managing Digital Marketing 2015, optimal results in marketing campaigns are tied with integrated plans including digital and traditional tactics.

Of the companies surveyed, 40% surveyed said they’re actively trying to implement this recommendation in their marketing efforts.

One of the most effective options to make this integration a reality is pay per call, since it combines the personal interaction through phone calls –since callers are more motivated to buy, phone interactions have higher conversion rates- with digital platforms to provide reports and quality control.

Pay Per Call Market is an affiliate network for publishers to sell quality calls –and potential leads- to interested companies. The Pay Per Call industry is on the rise, with more and more options becoming available in the market.

If that’s the case, what makes Pay Per Call Market stand out?

First of all, it is an affiliate network that works with corporate buyers, and has direct partnerships with 657 local auto insurance agents in 50 states. With new signups daily!

The affiliates in the Pay Per Call Market network generate calls online, mobile, radio, TV, print and new emerging channels.

Pay Per Call Market puts itself in the affiliate shoes. Why? We do not offer only competitive payouts, but real conversions, something to consider when signing up to an affiliate program.

When hundreds of agents and carriers compete for calls in real-time, affiliates win. Leveraging an advanced two tier distribution system that combines a large network of competing local agents with major carrier call centers, Pay Per Call Market offers convert. Consumers are connected with the right partner fast.

Among the advantages Pay Per Call Market offers, are the following:

  • Net 7 Payment Terms, so you get paid each week!
  • Leading Offer Payouts, with highly competitive commissions range
  • Nationwide – 24/7 Campaigns
  • Transparent, reliable pricing
  • Advanced Distribution Model
  • Large P&C Agent Network
  • Easy, accurate reporting
  • Custom integrations

With exceptional payment terms, highly competitive payouts and a reliable and transparent monetization system, Pay Per Call Market helps you to focus on generating calls, and income.

If this article sparked your interest in becoming an affiliate of our growing Pay-Per-Call network, contact us now to the number (857) 401-8096 or fill out this form to sign up. Looking forward to receive your application!