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Pay-per-call industry about to explode

According to a recent report published by BIA/Kelsey, the pay-per-call industry is about to experience huge growth. In 2013, mobile search generated approximately 30 billion calls to businesses. By 2018, that number is expected to grow to 73 billion. This predicted increase can be explained by a newfound interest in pay-per-call marketing. According to the report, in the smartphone age, phone calls have become the new currency as marketers are willing to pay more for phone leads.

The value of a phone lead

One reason the pay-per-call industry is growing so dramatically is that businesses are realizing the value of a single phone lead. Conversion rates are consistently higher for phone leads as compared with other types of leads. While phone sales is nothing new, the concept of marketers billing on a per-call basis is relatively new. As local businesses realize the value of phone leads, they’re willing to pay well for them. With the increased demand comes increased supply as more and more pay-per-call agencies pop up.

Mobile technology and the pay-per-call industry

Another reason for growth in the pay-per-call industry is the advent of mobile click-to-call. Never has it been easier for potential customers to be connected with sales representatives by phone. Click-to-call is driving a very large number of high quality leads to businesses.


Here are a few of the most important takeaways from BIA/Kelsey’s report:

  • Businesses spend approximately 64.6 billion annually on advertisements to generate phone call leads
  • According to a survey of many businesses owners, phone calls are are considered the most valued form of lead
  • The improvement of call analytics is a major driving force behind the growth of the pay-per-call industry. It’s never been easier for businesses to measure phone call data and use that data to optimize a pay-per-call campaign
  • Call leads are most valuable to local verticals, especially those that are place a high value on acquiring new customers. Appointment-based verticals like financial, home, and professional services are especially effective with pay-per-call marketing

If you’re looking to expand your marketing efforts, pay-per-call is a great direction to take. The industry is relatively young, competition is scarce, and the opportunity for profit is huge. Now is the best time to invest in pay-pay-call while it is on the verge of dramatic growth.

Source: Fierce Mobile It