More call routing options than ever increase caller conversion rates


Call routing isn’t just a side component of marketing. For some businesses, whether call routing is efficient can make or break their customer service. And companies that still think call routing consists of a simple voice mailbox message are losing valuable leads who don’t feel like waiting on hold or who don’t trust the system. In fact, there are many options when it comes to call routing and it’s up to the marketing director to decide which avenues will work best for his or her company.

Ring back

The unfortunate truth is, all call centers can’t operate 24/7. At some point there will be no one manning the calls when a new lead phones in. Instead of relying on salesman to call back everyone who leaves a voice mail message (and let’s face it, most customers won’t leave messages anyway), ring back saves the caller’s number and automatically dials it when the call center opens for business again.

Text back

It’s a wonder more people don’t know about this form of call routing. Dropped calls have long been a problem for businesses, especially when the drop is too early for it to count as a qualified lead. That’s where the text back option comes in. Businesses who utilize this form of call routing can program an automatic text be sent out if a call drops. It invites the caller to call again, creating another opportunity for conversion. According to, “This re-marketing tool increases call conversions by up to 10% and just like any good tool, you don’t have to do any extra work to get the benefit, just set it and forget it.”

Ring Source

With smartphones, it’s now possible to completely edit out the dialing step of a phone call. Ring source allows callers to click a link inside a browser which immediately calls your business. explained, “By taking out the complexit of steps, clicks, and clutter, conversion rates improve and customers enjoy a vastly improved experience with your campaign.” In addition, “Ring source also provides the source details of every phone call.” Which means the call center operator can know how the caller came across the number and what key words they’d been searching and then utilize that knowledge to better personalize that caller’s phone experience.