How to make money with your blog

So you need to find a way to make some extra money from home? A great way to do this is blogging. Of course, there’s fierce competition, so you are going to need to be ready to fight for it. But if you can get a blog started and hold on to a large audience, you’ll be perfectly set to start raking in the dough. Here are a few steps to follow.

1. Start a niche blog

The first thing you need to do is find something you love to write about. If you hate fashion, don’t start a fashion blog. You can always tell how enthusiastic a person is about something in their writing, and you’ll lose an audience if you don’t enjoy it. It also needs to be very specific instead of just a general blog about all your thoughts. Maybe you have a quick dinners blog or a “things I did on Pinterest” blog. Whatever it is, make it specific and targeted to a specific audience.

2. Build your following

The way you build a following will be determined based on the subject, but you can never go wrong using social media. Start by sharing with all your friends and family, so they will start checking it out. Then, you can easily incorporate social media. Sharing pictures of your food or projects on Instagram will help. Follow people you don’t know in hopes that they will follow you. Get on Facebook and share your posts. And the most effective thing to do is to share an image on Pinterest and let the word spread. You will have to be proactive in sharing in all these places not just once a week but multiple times a day. The more you blog and share, the more people will find you.

3. Get pay per call set up

The next thing you need to do is sign up for pay per call. The basic idea behind this is that you share information about a company, and anyone who calls the number on your blog will give you referral cash. Some people are hesitant since they think it is the same as pay per click, but it is actually much better. Instead of getting paid less than pennies for every click, you’ll get paid $14 every time someone calls in for more information. One way you could go about this is to specifically post about the business and encourage your readers to call. If you feel like that would detract from the blog, you can instead just put an ad on the side of your blog that has the phone number on it. Even if you just get 50 people a week, you’ll be making over $35,000 a year in referral cash! If you choose just to put ads on the page, then all you have to do is keep up your large following and work on increasing the following, and you’ll quickly be making more money than you could even have imagined. Give it a try and see how it helps you!