Marketing: How to reach Millennials

One time, I was teaching a group of Millennials about saving for retirement, so they can play when they no longer have to work. One of them explained to me that he would much rather spend the money now while he was young than when he was too old to really travel and enjoy the nice things. That is the mindset of most Millennials, which means they will likely be your target audience. Not wanting to save, and willing to spend every last dime, you need to start marketing towards these young people. But how can you reach an audience that is living in what seems a completely different world than you?

Hire a Millennial

A Millennial is going to have more insight into how to reach their peers than you will. As Forbes points out, too many marketers are focusing on traditional values such as marriage, buying a home, having children, and more to the Millennials who seem to be breaking all the rules. One way you can do this as a small business is to do pay per call. A lot of Millenials want to do the work from home thing, so they start blogs and online businesses to try and bring in money. They want to do it because they get a good chunk of money for every person who calls in while you only have to pay if you actually do get a quality lead. They do all the advertising for you to reach their peers.

Adapt your thinking

Another thing you need to do is stop thinking like a traditionalist. Forbes interviewed Millennial experts Katie Elfering who explained that too many marketers are waiting for the Millennials to grow up, so they can finally market to them. But the problem is that many of the Millennials have already grown up, just in a different way than you expected. You’re losing a lot of potential profit on a whole generation of people you could be targeting if you could simply adapt your thinking. Stop trying to market to them the same way you would market to their parents. Instead, you need to start focusing on their wants to determine how you can reach out to them.

Focus on happiness

Overall, the most important thing to remember when marketing to Millennials is that the most important thing to them in their own happiness. Focus on simple and easy solutions that show just how happy they can be with your product or service. If you can make them think your business will increase their happiness, you’ll have a pretty successful marketing campaign.

Source: Forbes