Three marketing lessons learned from Trix

We all know who he is: the lovable rabbit from the Trix advertisements and cereal boxes. But did you know that this lovable character is actually looking down at children in the cereal aisle? And that maybe your children’s love for the cereal has more to do with that than it does his lovable characteristics or the actual flavor?

Studying cereal


The study, according to Forbes, showed that most cereals marketed towards children had characters on them looking down at children. The intent is to make children feel like the characters are actually looking at them and building a connection. Also, cereals marketed towards adults either looked up or were looking straight out. Those cereals that had eye contact with adults while they were eating were more favored by those in the study. It also helped build a relationship and a sense of trust.

What we can learn?

You’re probably thinking that Trix characters have nothing to do with the product or service you sell, but there are still lessons that can be learned. In fact, here are three lessons cereal company’s marketing teams have taught me:

  1. You have to build trust: No matter what you do, trust is the most powerful way to get loyal customers. This can be as simple as building eye contact with your customers on a cereal box or as complicated as actually meeting with your customers over coffee to help them feel at ease.
  2. Relationships come from trust: Once you get a customer to feel like they can trust you, they will become much more loyal. Every time a kid buys another box of cereal, they are developing an even stronger connection to that company. The same goes for you. If you can get someone to buy something once, then the trust created will turn into an ongoing relationship where they buy from you over and over again.
  3. Always know your audience: Trix knows that most adults aren’t going to be eating Trix on a regular basis, so it focused on children. All of the marketing efforts are focused on building trust and relationships with kids rather than adults. It would have been a huge waste of time to focus on the wrong audience.

If you can narrow in on these three things, you will be pretty well off for repeat business. Of course, you could just stop worrying and let the pay per call bloggers do it for you, which would be a lot easier.

Source: Forbes