Making your social media marketing count

Of course, you already know that you need to work on social media marketing if you are going to get more customers and increase your SEO. But what you may not know is how exactly to go about social media marketing and what to do to interact with your customers through these different online platforms. Here’s a list of ways you can use social media marketing to help your business grow.

A few tips

Forbes points out that you need to prepare your social media posts if you are going to get the most out of your social media marketing. Here are their three tips for success:

  1. It’s all about timing: You need to schedule all your emails, tweets, posts and more at a time when your audience will see it. Maybe that’s right after school gets out at 3:00 pm or maybe it’s around lunch time. Either way, you need to schedule them to come when most of your audience will see it.
  2. Issue calls to action: You need to ask for likes or shares if you want it to happen. People won’t do it unless they know you want it. You won’t get anyone in for pizza unless you ask them to come in now for lunch. It is just an easier way to remind customers exactly what they need to do to get your product or service.
  3. Use images often: People are more responsive to images than they are to text because it is easier and simpler to see the image than it is to read a paragraph. Making it easy on your customers will only help your business expand. They shouldn’t have to put more work into using your business than absolutely necessary.

Pay per call option

Another way to go about social media marketing is to let bloggers do the work for you. Instead of spending all your own resources on social media, you can just let bloggers looking to make extra cash do it. And you only have to pay if you actually get quality leads calling into your business for more information.

Bloggers to social media

These tips are essential for bloggers trying to use the pay per call system. You’ll only get people to check out your blog and grow your reader following if you are also on all the social media networks. Focus on getting your social media up to speed. Of course, you have to start by providing valuable content on a blog before you can attempt to get more readers. Then you need to identify your audience, so you know how to target them. But once you’ve done these things, posting to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter should be no problem at all!

Source: Forbes

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