Live Transfer Leads: Not As Good As They Sound

The decline in the quality of internet leads and the surge in demand for quality leads has lead to an higher demand for live leads.

Currently there are two types of live leads in the market, you have Live Leads, the type of leads you as an affiliate create, and there are Live Transfer Leads. While they sound very similar, the difference between the two is very significant.

Live Transfer Leads are leads that get transferred to an agent after lead has been verified by an operator. Live Transfer Leads are generated in a couple ways, but the most common method is to call aged leads (people who were shopping for insurance in the past) or internet leads, and verify that the information is correct and that the person is interested in getting a quote. The operator then transfers the call to an agent. It sounds like these would be ideal leads, but because the leads they work from are internet and aged leads, they have many of the same problems your standard internet leads have. One issue is that if they call aged leads, the people they contact are not actively looking for insurance. They get the call from someone asking if they would like to take a minute to see if they can save money on insurance. Even if they say yes, the odds of them having all the necessary information to get a proper quote is slim. They may get the quote, but most of the time they want to compare the rates and coverage to what they currently have. So they ask to be emailed a quote so they can compare it to their current policy when they have a chance to sit down and find their DEC sheet. Once they hang up, the agent will have to schedule calls to try to get back in touch with the client, and as any agent will tell you, once you hang up the phone, the odds of you closing a sale goes down dramatically. The second issue comes from the use of aged leads. They are essentially recycled leads that will make customer retention more difficult.

Another disadvantage Live Transfer Leads have is that they require more work to create than your Live Leads. A company that sells Live Transfer Leads has to have a big call center and buy lots of leads to be able to generate a high volume of leads. A call center is expensive to maintain and even aged leads are expensive to buy. As a result, Live Transfer Leads are expensive for agents and only slightly better in quality than regular internet leads.

Given all these disadvantages, you can see why Live Leads are a better option than Live Transfer Leads. Your leads are what agents are looking for, and will buy as many leads as you can find. Ring Router will give you the tools necessary to start and maintain your marketing and is easy enough for anyone to use.