Live Leads vs. Internet Leads

Most insurance agents who use leads buy standard internet leads to find new clients, but as we all know, the quality of internet leads has gone down in the past couple years.

The market is currently saturated with lead buyers and there are just not enough people searching for insurance quotes online to fill the demand for leads. As a result, most internet leads agents buy are old leads that have been recycled or are just bad leads altogether. Another issue with internet leads is that each lead gets sold to multiple agents. So you may be one of ten or fifteen people calling to offer quotes. As a result, if an agent is not one of the first to make contact, the odds of him or her closing the sale are greatly reduced. One important thing insurance agents have to realize is that most internet leads are recycled every six months, so even if they do close the sale, the client will once again receive calls from agents when the policy is up for renewal. Recycled leads make customer retention very difficult. Some lead companies do offer “exclusive leads,” but not only are they expensive, many times they are not really exclusive because the client’s information may have been sold to multiple leads companies.

On the other hand, Live Leads don’t have any of these disadvantages. A Live Lead is someone who is actively searching for car insurance. They place the call themselves, so you already know they are motivated to buy insurance. The call only goes to one agent and the personal information of the client doesn’t get sold to other agents. Live Leads are by definition exclusive leads. This means the client will not be upset about getting multiple calls, making it easier to gain their trust and close the sale. Customer retention is also easier because the customer will not receive calls from agents every six months. Overall, Live Leads are not only of better quality, they also provide a better experience for the agent and the customer. Live Leads are also on average about the same price agents would pay for many “exclusive leads” offered by lead companies.

Comparing Live Leads to standard leads, is not like comparing apples to oranges, it’s more like comparing apples to the cheap plastic fruit used for home decoration. Live Leads lead to a better shopping experience for clients, which in turn will help insurance agents establish rapport and trust and make closing a sale much easier. No need to get past the initial frustration that clients feel due to the sheer number of sales calls they receive and when an agent calls them back to continue to close the sale, they will know who the agent is because they are the only one trying to sell them insurance.