Why Are Ring Router Leads Better Than Live Transfer Leads?

In our previous articles, we discussed some of the drawbacks insurance agents face when using internet and Live Transfer Leads to grow their business. But why are Ring Router Live Leads so much better?

There are quite a few advantages to using Ring Router Live Leads.

The biggest advantage to Live Leads is that when a clients calls to get a quote, the client is more likely to be in a “buying” state of mind. Clients are calling when they have time to talk instead of being called when they may be busy or are not at home with their current policy, this leads to a more relaxed conversation. The client is also more likely to have all the information they need to get a proper quote, such as VIN numbers, current coverage and what they are currently paying. Having all this information on hand will help an agent give the client a more accurate quote. Many times when people search for insurance quotes online, they are not ready to buy, they may be looking for quotes because their current policy will be expiring soon and just want to compare prices or are filling out the form for other reasons. They are searching online because they think the quote will be fast and easy (we already know that will not be the case) and don’t want to spend too much time getting quotes. But most people who actually call for quotes are more likely to be ready to buy. Making a phone call takes more commitment than just submitting information to a website, so only people who are actually buying are likely to call.

Another advantage agents notice is the fact that Ring Router Live Leads are by definition, Exclusive Leads. Only one agent will get a phone call from the customer. This is a huge advantage because the agent doesn’t have to compete for the client’s attention. This also means the customer is in a better state of mind to listen to the agent. With internet leads and regular Live Transfer Leads, clients are agitated because they are getting a lot of calls, one right after the other. The frustration will many times make it harder to close a sale. On top of that, if the agent needs to call the client back a Live Lead to continue to close the sale, the client will be more likely to remember who the agent is. If you think about it, if a person talks to ten agents about insurance, after the second or third, they all will start to blend together. That means an agent is going to have to work hard to be memorable so the client doesn’t forget him.

These are just a couple of the reasons why Ring Router Live Leads are better than other traditional leads. We will continue to look at other advantages of Ring Router Live Leads in upcoming articles.