How to not fail at content marketing


Digital technology has dramatically changed the way we distribute information. While print, radio, and television ads aren’t quite extinct, they aren’t exactly as popular as they once was. Today consumers (especially younger consumers) are more likely to take action on a text message or email advertisement then a commercial they see on TV. While many aspects of marketing are just as valuable today, there are also some important differences. Marketers still trying to apply all of the old techniques to new strategies aren’t going to see the best results. Marketers need to start thinking like publishers rather than simply advertisers. Their job is to produce content that will educate, not simply entice. Here are a few tips to stop failing at content marketing.

Hold attention, don’t grab it

The goal with content marketing isn’t to just grab attention (although that’s a good start). You have to keep that attention. You want consumers to keep coming back to read/view the content that you’re producing. Content marketing is a long-form version of advertising. It’s about building relationships and building trust. Consumers will eventually convert but in order for that to happen you have to hold their attention.

Lead the conversation, don’t join it

When social media came along, it gave the reins to the consumers. Consumers could tell their horror stories regarding their experiences with a given brand. As a result, many businesses started focusing on joining in on the conversation. While it can be an effective strategy, it’s not as effective as leading the conversation. There’s no stopping consumers from talking about your brand online. But you can do a lot to focus the conversation on the positive rather than the negative.

Mission over metrics

For marketers, everything boils down to the ROI. What are you getting in return for your investment? While these numbers can’t be ignored, they aren’t everything when it comes to content marketing. In fact, they take a back seat to your brand’s mission. Remember than content marketing is a long form strategy. You may not see a huge return on your investment initially. But a good content marketing campaign will be a manifestation of your brand’s mission. It will create positive relationships that will indirectly impact your business in ways no metrics can measure.

Offer value

Technology has made consumers more savvy than ever before. They can spot a marketing gimmick from a mile away. If you’re thinking about content marketing as an exploitative way to get consumers to trust you so they buy from you, chances are they will see right through it. If you want your content marketing campaign to be effective, you can’t do it halfway. It needs to offer real value to consumers or they’ll ignore it. While it’s easy focus on ROI, put the customer first. If you’re thinking first and foremost about meeting their needs, they’ll respond positively and they will trust you because you’ve earned it.

Source: Forbes