How Much Are Small and Medium-sized Businesses Spending on Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital marketing automation

Everybody is talking about the latest Digital Marketing trends these days. Especially now, with a new year starting, have you made a balance of your marketing efforts? How did your business do last year?

As a Small or Medium Sized Business, you might think how can you benefit from posting an ad on Google Adwords or any other digital channel. Internet is global, and your business is local, right?

Well, according to BIA/Kelsey U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2016, the local digital ad spend will increase. Significantly. If on 2015 the local/online interactive and email marketing spend was of US$18.1 billion, by 2020 is expected to grow as high as US$23.3 billion.

Regarding social media, the social local spending is expected to grow 27% per year through 2020!

Some of the benefits SMB’s get from this are: optimize the sales pipeline, lower cost of acquisition and quickly identify hot sales opportunities.

Since the benefits and opportunities of marketing automation, initially used on an enterprise level, are becoming available to the public, it’s getting more crowded -and might be more difficult to enter later.

Usually, the main obstacles with marketing automation are budget, integration, complexity, and lack of data. Nowadays, who has time to fill a manual report to get real-time information that can be used by the Marketing team to make necessary –and timely- decisions?

So the access and implementation of smarter systems and niche platforms that provide the info you need, when you need it, is crucial.

Since it’s harder to reach the customer among so much noise in the digital space, comprehensive and targeted marketing strategies are key.

How much could your business benefit if among your marketing strategies you consider Pay per Call, to reach –and be reached- by qualified leads that are needing your product or service? If you’d like to learn more about what Ring Router can do for you, feel free to contact us anytime at (857) 401-8096 or filling out the contact form.