How Can Pay Per Call Support Your Marketing Efforts?

Pay Per Call to support marketing efforts

If you’re not very familiar with what Pay per Call means, you’re not alone! Pay per Call it’s relatively new.

Even though the phone was invented over a century ago, and with all the options available to do marketing to promote their products or services, the phone is still relevant. Why?

“75% of consumers claim that a phone call is the fastest way to get response from a company, and 50% of phone calls result in conversions” said Eli Martin, Director of Sales at eZanga, during a webinar hosted by Ring Partner recently.

There’s a reason for that: visitors tend to spend a few seconds on a website, but over the phone they interact with the company for a few minutes. This allows to close more sales.

And the numbers back this up. Pay per Click conversions are about 2%, and Pay per Call conversion rate is 30-50%.

As any marketing/advertising initiative, tracking is key. “It may sound harsh, but if you don’t track you will fail”, said Martin.

Ring Rater is here to help you to get real-time feedback from your agents and improve the quality of calls you receive.

Tracking the calls will help you in at least 3 ways:

-Present opportunity for Quality Assurance

-Feedback from clients

-Back yourself up to show to clients how much you’re converting

Here are some questions you can ask to decide which tracking system suits you best:

1. -Do they provide a local 1-800 number?

2. -Can you hear the recording?

3. -Can you see where the calls are coming from?

4. -Can you test your phone line for accuracy?

5. -Do you have a physical report to show someone?

6. -Can it create a positive call experience?

If you’re looking for a solution that gives you all that and more, Ring Rater is here for you!

Its answer to all those questions is YES, we do offer that.

And there’s more: if you’re concerned about protecting all that sensitive information customers share with your call center reps, Ring Router always proceeds in compliance with State-Law, because we make sure to clarify that with both the company buying the calls and the caller itself.

The only cases where we share recorded calls are if the calls are “bad” (so the company knows what went wrong), and if the caller approves.

Using an appropriate call-filtering system will allow you to avoid misdials, hang ups, dead air, and receive calls that bring value –and cash!- to your company.

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