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Four Content Marketing Mistakes That Can Hurt Your ROI


Content marketing is a great way to establish trust with consumers. Content marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to acquire new customers and boost profits. What many don’t understand about content marketing is that it’s not always as easy as it seems. Coming up with the right content that will produce results isn’t always easy. A good content marketing campaign requires careful planning. Even when marketers do their best, there are still plenty of mistakes that can be made. Here’s a look at four common content marketing mistakes that can negatively affect your ROI.

Branded content

Content marketing is about establishing trust. As you create and publish valuable, relevant information, consumers of your content come to see you as a source for good information. On the other hand, if your content comes across as shameless self promotion, you can’t be trusted as a source of information because you’re displaying obvious bias. There is a time and place for promoting your brand and your products or services, but with content marketing, it should be kept to a minimum. Use subtle clues that the content originated with your brand, but don’t self-promote.

Not involving your audience

Content marketing shouldn’t be a one-way conversations. It’s not about shoving information down the throats of consumers. Good content marketing will spark conversations between your brand and your consumers. Not only should you welcome feedback but you should seek it. Use content marketing to engage consumers and to get them talking. For instance, you might poll consumers and then publish the results.

No emotion

It can be easy to get so caught up in conveying facts that you forget to display emotion. Content marketing is about more than just finding information and sharing it with consumers. It’s about connecting with customers and building trust with them. Your content doesn’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) be completely informative and devoid of emotion. Tap into humanity and add some emotion to your content and your consumers will see your brand as being personable. You’re more likely to build relationships with consumers this way.

Forgetting context

Keep in mind that even the best content will be ineffective in the wrong context. It’s important to think about how you will share your content with consumers. For instance, content that relies heavily on visuals such as images probably won’t produce results if it’s published on Twitter which focuses on small blurbs of text. Instagram or Pinterest however would be great channels for visual content. It’s important when doing content marketing to think about context and the best channels for publishing content.


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