Five steps for creating a winning content marketing strategy


If your goal is to drive massive amounts of sales in a short time, content marketing isn’t the marketing strategy for you. If you want to gain customers that will remain your customers for years to come, then it’s time to launch a content marketing strategy. Content marketing is a long-form type of advertising. It’s not about tricking customers into making a one-time purchase, it’s about showing your customers that your brand is a reliable source of information. It’s about building trust and gaining lifelong customers. It’s a powerful but often overlooked marketing tool. If you’re feeling inspired to give content marketing a try, here are five steps for creating a winning strategy:

  1. Focus on consistently creating high quality content. While you can’t completely ignore the importance of quantity, you also can’t allow it to detract from quality. Your content needs to be interesting and informative. It needs to be great in order to engage consumers and gain customers.
  1. Make sure your content marketing strategy involves several different types of content. You’ll want your content to reach the greatest number of people so it’s important that you post various kinds of content. Don’t limit yourself to a company blog. Content can also come in the form of images, videos, and infographics.
  1. Outsource your content creation. Good content creation takes a lot of time and dedication. Most business owners are too busy with other aspects of running a business to invest the necessary time. Don’t be afraid to outsource content creation but do so only after you have created strict guidelines about style, tone, and the core message.
  1. Be current on important topics in your field. Pay close attention to what’s going on in your field. Know what topics are trending and know what questions people are asking. Research those topics and then strive to be a source of knowledge regarding those topics. By doing this you  establish your brand as an authority within your field.
  1. Don’t forget the marketing. Content creation is only half of content marketing. It’s not enough to simply create content. You need to share it and then advertise it across multiple channels.

Source: Huffington Post