Frequently Asked Questions

Please also review our getting started page prior to beginning a call program with Ring Router. Following are questions that we often get from agents about the program and our best attempt to answer them. For a more thorough explanation please call or emails us. We are here to help.

How do we generate calls that are to sent to Agents?

We use new technology to capture the consumer real time when they are looking for an insurance quote. Consumers may simply use our Click to Call Technology when searching on their mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. In addition, consumers may see our television ads and or hear radio advertisements. The consumer is actively searching for auto insurance quotes, and being connected to you via web, live or automated IVR process.

Do you offer additional filters?

After much study and research we found that drilling consumers with numerous filter questions is not the best practice. At RR, we try to quickly qualify the consumer and get them connected. We want you as the Agent to ask all the questions to build the relationship and earn their business. Ask your sales rep or account manager about system preferences.

What exactly does Exclusive mean?

We are unlike other lead vendors in that we offer our calls to one Agent, so you will be the exclusive purchaser of our call. The competitive nature of the lead industry frustrates the consumer as they are being hammered with calls from many agents. We want to give both the consumer and the agent a good experience through the buying process.

What calls can I return for credit?

The most up to date information on our credit policy can be found here.  Some examples of call credit reasons include:

  1. Bad Call Connection
  2. Calling for Service, Claim/Bills/Policy Updates
  3. No Valid Driver’s License
  4. Out of State
  5. Not Interested in a Quote

***Please note that we are unable to credit calls where a consumer’s contact information is requested. Also, in regards to insured & uninsured filters, we do ask this question however, we cannot validate the effectiveness of this question, or the time frame of insurance coverage.

Can I request for credit while on the call?

As soon as you determine the call is not a qualified call, press “*” on your phone’s key pad. The caller will be disconnected and you will be asked why the call should be credited. Once the call is tagged for review, a member of our team will review the call and issue a credit if the call is determined to be unqualified.

How can I request for credit if I forget to do so when on the phone with the caller?

Simply login to your dashboard and on the right hand side of your dashboard you will see a tab called Calls. Click on the call tab and use the date range to find your specific call. Once you have found the call in question simply click on the 7 digit id and go into the call detail. Here you will see the Buyer Results. Click on the result and choose “Review”. We will then review the call and email you if the call was deemed to be qualified.

How long do I have to ask for credits on calls?

We ask that you review your calls daily, but we do give 48hours after the call to submit for review and credit. We will review and determine the call to be qualified or unqualified within a 48hours. Any Call that lasts 90 seconds or longer is automatically deemed a Valid Call and cannot be challenged on any grounds.

Can I remove the auto recharge on my credit card?

When purchasing your program with RR we will explain our billing process and the auto recharge details. When agreeing to the terms you agree to have auto recharge set on your account. This is truly for your benefit as this will keep the calls coming in on a consistent basis. If you choose not to have the auto recharge set on your account you must send a cancellation notice to We will then cancel your program and either exhaust the remaining funds or refund you in accordance with our terms and conditions.  See more information here.

How can I cancel my call program?

If at any point you choose to cancel your program simply send a cancellation request email to

Can I change my program hours?

Our system does not require you to change hours or take vacation. If you do not wish to receive calls from Ring Router, simply do not answer.  If you answer and do not with to take the call, you will be prompted to press 1 to accept or 2 if you do not with to take a call.

Can I change my dedicated phone number for inbound calls?

Contact your sales rep or our support team and we are happy to update your inbound call number for you. How do I change daily call volume? Contact your sales rep or our support team and we are happy to increase or decrease your daily call cap for you.