A close look at the pay-per-call industry

The pay-per-call industry is currently experiencing a growth spurt. Because so many businesses are interested in learning more about the pay-per-call industry, here is a look at the current state of the industry, some predictions, and some things you should know about pay-per-call.

The current playing field

The pay-per-call industry is currently going through a transformation. Traditional pay-per-call has been around a long time. It works through TV, print, and radio ads. But 2014 was the threshold year when mobile web traffic surpassed desktop web traffic. As a result, more and more pay-per-call campaigns include the option to call in directly rather than filling out a lead form. The best campaigns are multi-action and multi-channel.

How does pay-per-call benefit advertisers?

Pay-per-call is a great way for business to advertise because it’s so cost effective. Call leads are more valuable than any other type of lead. For instance, inbound callers are more than twice as likely to convert than leads reached via outbound dialing. Also, pay-per-call is immediate. Rather than buying leads and trying to contact them later hoping they’re still interested, leads call you the moment they become interested.

How does pay-per-call benefit publishers?

The great thing about pay-per-call is that it capitalizes on consumers’ sense of urgency. Publishers hosting click-to-call links can benefit financially as they generate leads for other companies. Pay-per-call works great alongside pay-per-click efforts.

Which verticals are most successful?

While any advertiser can be effective with pay-per-call, certain industries seem to be especially effective. Home services, health and wellness, finance, education, and insurance are all great verticals for pay-per-call. Other industries such as retail, travel, and drug rehabilitation are also beginning to flock to pay-per-call.

Which media channels are most effective?

As already mentioned, the best pay-per-call campaigns are multi channel. Great call leads can come from a variety of sources. Some channels are obviously best for certain industries however. For example, a PC repair company is going to get more leads from a PC than any other channel. Businesses looking into pay-per-call should do a little research to determine which channels will be particularly effective for them.

Pitfalls to avoid

Pay-per-call isn’t without it’s pitfalls. Businesses new to pay-per-call need to pay especially close attention to the details. For instance, advertisers need to be aware of where their leads are coming from. It’s also important to pay attention to call duration. Coming up with a script that is long enough to get consumers to convert without being too long where marketing dollars are being wasted is also important.

Pay-per-call in the future

As consumers spend more and more time on mobile devices, it’s expected that there will be more pay-per-call advertisers and publishers.

Source: Search Engine Journal