Blog and make money: become an affiliate marketer

People blog for many reasons. Some do it just to keep friends and family in the loop. Others blog because they’re passionate about a certain topic and want to tell others about it. And some people are career bloggers. If you’re passionate about blogging but would like to make some money doing it, you should consider affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing

Think of affiliate marketing as a network of businesses and individuals with shared interests working together to help make each other successful. When you become an affiliate marketer, you’re helping to drive web traffic to affiliates. In return, you make a little money. The more traffic you make the more sales your affiliate makes. It’s a win-win for everyone. Affiliates have a vested interest in each others’ success because they’re all connected.

Getting started with affiliate marketing

Here are some tips for getting started with affiliate marketing:

  • Of course to get started you need to be a blogger. If you’re already a blogger, chances are you have a topic (or topics) that you love to write about. It that’s the case then you’re ready to start affiliate marketing
  • If you are new to blogging, you need to start by picking a topic to write about. It works best if you choose a topic that you’re interested in
  • In order to profit from affiliate marketing you need to first have web traffic of your own. You want to establish as large a reader base as possible for you blog. First off you’ll want to make sure that your writing is interesting to readers. You want to be informative but also entertaining so readers that discover you keep coming back for more
  • Now that you have your reader base you need affiliates to work with. If your blog is successful and you’re getting a lot of readers, it’s likely that affiliates will start making you offers. Whether you’re getting offers or not, it’s a good idea to do a little research on your own. Look for businesses whose niche is in line with the topic(s) you blog about. Don’t be afraid to ask them for an affiliate offer
  • Once you’ve got some affiliate offers then you need to start learning everything you can about them. Familiarize yourself with their websites, their products, and make sure you understand what makes them unique. The better you know your affiliates the better you’ll be able to create content that connects your readers with their businesses
  • Finally, you need to find ways to drive traffic to your affiliate’s sites. If the content you’re writing is compelling, it won’t be hard. Embed links to affiliate sites in your text. You can request product samples from affiliates and review them on your blog. As you find creative ways to drive traffic to your affiliates, they’ll benefit from the extra business and you’ll benefit from the paychecks

Source: Feed Front