Did you do an April Fools Marketing campaign?

April Fools Day, on April 1 every year, is the day when businesses can get away with marketing outrageous claims just say to put a quick “April Fools!” at the end to sum it all up. And this year, businesses have gone a little extreme. Did you play an April Fools joke on your customers or are you going to leave it alone for now? Here are a few examples of what people have done so far this year.

Smell like Cheetos

Cheetos released an advertisement for a new perfume, so you can smell like their iconic, cool cheetah. Of course, this announcement came with a real bottle of perfume that was described by ABC News as buttery. If you want to smell like Cheetos, you’ll be disappointed to find out this product was just a gag.

Hiring new people

In an April Fools marketing attempt, Google made a video announcing it is looking to hire Pokemon Masters. So, if you’ve “caught them all,” then now’s the time to apply at Google. Or at least you can apply for today.

Perfect temperature flights

Next worked together with Virgin America to release an ad with both CEOs talking about the new integrated temperature control on Virgin America flights. Of course, your options for temperature are Chicago Polar Vortex, Cancun Afternoon, and Standard Day in Los Angeles. The joke was pretty well thought out and took some planning.

Is it worth it to market on April Fools?

The reason why so many people like doing April Fools jokes is that you can get a lot of traffic by making outlandish claims or releasing crazy products. It’s not something you can do every day, but people will forgive you on April Fools Day when it ends up being a joke. It is a great way to bring a bunch of people to your website and get more traffic without actually having to offer anything new. Getting your name out there and reminding people you exist is the whole purpose of marketing. It seems like it has worked out so far for the companies working today, so it can’t hurt to try something.

Another option is to play it safe. Though some customers will be attracted to the funny April Fools jokes, there are also a lot of customers who are annoyed with the holiday at the beginning of the day after they already dealt with their kids’ jokes. If you choose not to participate in the holiday, doing a marketing campaign for the day about “real” deals from your business might be a good way to go about it. It all depends on what you want to do and what you feel comfortable with.

Source: ABC News