Why Are Insurance Agents Moving Away from Internet Leads?

Why has the quality of standard internet leads gone down so much recently?

One reason is the changes that Google has recently made to the way they display search results when people search for internet quotes. Standard internet leads are usually created when a person searches for insurance quotes online. Until recently, the first page of google results were populated by lead aggregators. Since most people do not go past the first page of the search results, they ended up going to a lead aggregator and submitting their information for a quote. That meant that just about everyone who was looking for car insurance ended up using a lead aggregator. Now, the first page of Google is populated by actual insurance companies who will give you a price for their insurance. As a result, most people are now going straight to insurance companies for quotes, leading to a lower volume of available leads.

If you do go past the first page, you start to find sites that promise cheap online insurance quotes from different companies. Most sites start by asking for your car and contact information. Up to this point, the information you are asked for is the same any insurance company requires. But unlike going to an insurance company’s website, once the client enters their car and contact information, instead of getting an online quote, they are told they will receive a call from an agent with a price. Unfortunately, what actually happens is the website will sell the lead information to a broker who will then sell the information to a number of agents (sometime up to 15 agents will get the lead).

The process is supposed to help people easily get a number of quotes so they can find the best insurance at the right price. Unfortunately, that is not what happens. The first problem is when people realize they are not getting an online quote, instead they are getting phone calls, lots of phone calls, one right after the other. What normally ends up happening is that the client will get upset because not only are they receiving lots of calls, they also have to keep repeating the same information to every agent that calls. You see, the online form will only ask about their contact and auto information. Accidents and other points are not usually listed because asking too many questions will discourage people from completing the online form. This process leads to frustration and anger, making it harder to establish the rapport and trust necessary to close a sale.

On top of these drawbacks, many times the same lead will be sold again to different agents in six months, making customer retention more difficult. Other issues with these leads is that many times people will fill out the form for reasons unrelated to buying insurance. Many companies offer rewards such as gift cards for filling out insurance request forms. One popular scam is to make people believe they won an iPad or other device. To claim their prize, they need to fill out a few forms and give out their personal information. Their personal information is then sold to many different brokers who sells leads for car, home, life and other types of insurance. People who fill out insurance request forms for gift cards and other prizes are not actually shopping for car insurance and will just waste an agent’s time and money.

It is easy to see why insurance agents have been searching for different sources for their leads. As the quality of online leads continue to drop, the demand for quality leads will continue to increase. This is the right time to make money helping people find the right insurance at the right price and to help agents find the leads they are searching for.

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