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Four affiliate marketing myths

Affiliate marketing is an often misunderstood marketing strategy. Unfortunately, some of the myths surrounding affiliate marketing cause some businesses to ignore it completely. Whether or not affiliate marketing is right for your business, don’t pass on it without taking the time to educate yourself about it and what it can do for your business. Here’s a look at four of the most common affiliate marketing myths.

Affiliate systems are easy to manage

This is one myth that actually entices business owners to give affiliate marketing a try but quickly leads to them giving up. Business owners considering affiliate marketing should know that it is a lot of work. Unrealistic expectations regarding how easy it is to do can lead many to give up without giving it a fair try. Affiliate marketing isn’t as simple as setting up a website and choosing some affiliates. Successful affiliate marketing campaigns require that businesses form relationships with affiliates. This takes time and patience.

Affiliate marketing only works for popular niches

This is a myth that scares off businesses that have a very specific and small niche that might not be as popular. They assume that affiliate marketing won’t work for them. Even very small and specific niches can be successful w
ith affiliate marketing. It may take some extra work to find the right affiliates. But stick with it and your affiliate marketing campaign can still work.

Affiliate marketing is a thing of the past

With Google’s new algorithms placing less emphasis on link building, many view affiliate marketing as a thing of the past that is no longer important in today’s world of SEO. However, there are new and exciting ways to use affiliate marketing besides just link building. It can still be a great tool for driving web traffic to your website.

Affiliate marketing success is about getting as many affiliates as possible

Finally, there are many business owners that believe achieving success through affiliate marketing is simply about getting the greatest number of affiliates possible. After all, the more people hosting links to your website the better right? While quantity is important when it comes to affiliate marketing, it pales in comparison to the quality of your affiliates. The old saying “quality over quantity” definitely applies here. You’ll see more success from a handful of dedicated, high caliber affiliates than an army of affiliates just along for the ride.

This myth goes along with the first that affiliate marketing is easy to manage. Choosing the best affiliates for the job, building relationships with them and giving them the feedback and resources they’ll need to be successful isn’t easy. It takes time and it takes commitment. But when done right, affiliate marketing can be a huge help to your business no matter what it is you do.






Source: Forbes