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Affiliate marketing and voucher codes


Affiliate marketing can be a great way to increase web traffic, by teaming up with affiliates, brands can cast a wider net and see a lot of success. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is more than just one way to do it. Two of the most common are content marketing and voucher codes. Proponents of the former tend to be fairly critical about the latter. But are voucher codes really as bad as some make it out to be. Here’s a look at some arguments for and against them.

Lack of content

Arguably the most common type of affiliate marketing involves a fair bit of content marketing, affiliates such as bloggers might write some content about a certain brand or product in order to drive web traffic for that brand. The goal is here is to provide valuable, relevant information to get readers interested enough to click on a link. What many content marketers have against voucher codes is that many affiliates are throwing content to the wind in favor of these voucher codes. Affiliate sites sometimes become a crowded mess of voucher codes for various brands but they offer no content. They are essentially hubs for shoppers looking for the lowest price.

Lower commission

Voucher codes are normally synonymous with lower commission rates. That’s because in order to offer a discount on a product or service, the merchant has to accept a lower profit margin which means less money to offer affiliates as a commission. Lower commission means less incentive for affiliates. Their job is simply to post a voucher code and hope that people start redeeming them.

Transactions but no relationships

Another argument against voucher codes is that while they might produce a greater number of transactions, they don’t create any meaningful relationships between customers and brands. The online shopper is simply going to the place they can find the best deal rather than spending a little more on the brand they’ve come to trust. A content marketer will tell you that content marketing is about establish trust and relationships with customers. Many believe that voucher codes are a cheap short cut to gaining that trust.

A time and place for voucher codes

While it sounds like content marketers have a good case against voucher codes, that doesn’t mean than they have nothing to offer. Voucher codes can sometimes be that last push a consumer needs to convert. It could make or break a sale. Affiliate marketers need not shun voucher codes simply because of a bad reputation. However, voucher codes are most likely to have a positive effect when used along with content marketing.

When looking for affiliates, brands want a site that will give them more than the occasional transactions, they want new customers that will return over and over again. Websites that are simply designed to offer cheap prices without any content aren’t likely to produce those kinds of results. So while voucher codes may not be the best choice for the affiliate marketer, they do have their time and place.


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