A Lead Generation Program for Independent Insurance Brokers and Local Businesses

PPCall for independent insurance brokers SMB

Pay Per Call advertising is on the rise. Customers are more open to interacting personally with a company when they’re considering to buy a product or service.

Insurance is no exception. Since customers are seeking for the best alternatives in the market to protect themselves, their families and possessions, they might take more time to decide carefully which company offers the best for them.

Big corporate carriers invest thousands in advertising, but what about those local, regional insurance companies and independent brokers, capable of offering exactly what their market is needing? Isn’t it possible for them to invest in Pay Per Call marketing?

The Pay Per Call conversion rates tend to be higher than Pay Per Click or other digital advertising, and for that reason, the cost increases.

We certainly know that no one can afford to lose any potential sales. Ring Router makes Pay Per Call accessible to smaller insurance companies and independent agents, offering leads that convert.

This company was developed by people who have experienced, first-hand, the pain points when trying to reach qualified insurance leads. This is an extremely competitive industry, so our technology and solutions are top notch.

We have helped local and regional small businesses buy calls. The big difference of our Pay Per Call offer between big companies and smaller regional/local buyers is our attempt option since we provide two types of accounts:

Managed accounts: this option is ideal for call centers and corporations that are capable of managing a high volume of calls daily.

Unmanaged accounts: regional/local buyers have the option to answer and then accept the call, by pressing 1. That’s the “Set it and Forget it” program, that fits the fast paced agent today. Calls answered and accepted are the only ones charged, which gives you total control of your call volume and spend.

We use a complete, user-friendly and easy-to-use online platform, and provide you the set-up training with your program to ensure you are successful with the calls from day one. We will also follow up personally to make sure you and your staff are writing business from these calls.

We offer hot leads from inquiring consumers who are looking for a new or a change in their auto insurance.  Through a multi-faceted media mix, we provide the highest quality and volume in the industry.

Our agents state our call program brings consumers that are ready to be quoted right in their front door, and over 70% of them say we supply their offices with the best quality call in the marketplace.

Our call program is “Built by an Agent for an Agent” and ranks 1st or 2nd when compared to Datalot, All Web Leads & Contactability.

Are you looking for a lead generation program that works?  Are you ready to convert up to 40% of calls to sold policies? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit www.RingRouter.com for more information.