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We spent months testing and developing the best user experience combining the complexity our industry requires with the simplicity we’ve all come to expect. The result is an incredibly intuitive interface.


Still using legacy software? Ring Router’s technology allows for on-the-fly updates to all campaign aspects because we believe that our customers should manage growth, not software


Ring Router was built for the cloud and with the enterprise client in mind so needless to say, scaling comes incredibly natural…just ask some of the Fortune 100 companies who already rely on us.

Pay Per Call Routing Software

Ring Router provides a call routing solution for Affiliate Networks in the pay per call niche. The software is easy to use and make networks more money. The remarketing package alone accounts for a 15% increase in Earn Per Call and when you are sending 1000s of calls that can mean a lot of money to your bottom line. Ring Router is also the only solution that is built for hyper local traffic. Bottomline, Ring Router is the best call routing service for scaling your pay per call network.

What are Affiliate Networks saying?

Leah B.

“We built our company around the Ring Router platform. Thanks for helping us scale and increase our conversion!”

Leah B.President at Large Media Company
James C.

“We’re extremely pleased at the high level of attention in customer service that has followed our account through major growth.”

James C.Co-founder at National Media Agency

Exclusive Ring Router Solutions

Boost call conversions by up to 15% with our re-marketing suite. Literally.

Ring Back

What if you could seamlessly regain the attention of every  customer who called after hours?  Our technology knows when your sales centers are available and automatically calls back and connects anyone who called in after hours…and the results are dramatic.

Text Back

What percentage of your callers don’t  stay on the line long enough to qualify as a billable call? We’ve learned that there are several reasons that a call doesn’t convert which is why we give every caller a second chance to speak to a Buyer by texting them a personal message along with a number for an available Buyer.

Ring Rater

Call duration isn’t the only indication of call quality and we’ve built technology to prove it. Ring Rater allows a buyer to easily rate calls in real-time to provide additional feedback on call quality. The result is more efficient campaigns,  quicker feedback and more revenue.

Why Choose Ring Router?

Ring Router is an all-in-one Pay-Per-Call solution for affiliate networks.  We’re feature rich and built for up to 15% higher conversions, more revenue and best in class user experience.

  • We boast the best call bidding system (Google Adwords for Pay-Per-Call) that, based on predetermined and customizable criteria, intelligently routes every inbound call to the best buyer.
  • Our robust call tracking system records everything from a callers IP address to the exact keywords used to find the campaign allowing for quick campaign optimizations.
  • We’re especially proud to introduce the only Pay-Per-Call re-marketing technology suite that boosts conversions without any extra effort for anyone.

In short, Ring Router is built for your Pay-Per-Call Network, your Publishers as well as your Buyers, but most importantly, your Callers. Get in touch and improve your network today.

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